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Record of China's single batch export of construction machinery

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The COSCO Sao Paulo ship of COSCO Shipping's South America East Second Line (esa2), carrying nearly 1000 construction machinery products such as excavators, loaders and graders produced by XCMG, sailed from Lianyungang to South America and is expected to arrive at the port of intent around August 18. This rewrites the single batch export record of China's construction machinery industry in the past five years.

COSCO Shipping and XCMG, as the world's leading domestic enterprises in ocean shipping and construction machinery manufacturing, are active in exploring ways of cooperation. Especially in terms of special containers, aiming at the characteristics of XCMG's export construction machinery products such as many models, large weight and batch shipment, COSCO Shipping customized the container logistics scheme, further optimized the way, shortened the delivery time and reduced the logistics cost for XCMG. Especially during the epidemic period, with the full support of Lianyungang Port Group and other port and shipping units, the two sides overcame the difficulties of traffic interruption at the land station and completed many urgent shipment tasks.


Nearly 2000 TEU of construction machinery shipped by COSCO Sao Paulo is attributed to XCMG's large-scale project in South America won the bid in 2021, which is an important action for XCMG to promote the localization strategy of overseas key regions. As the intended carrier, COSCO Shipping now has 526 container ships with a total capacity of 3.03 million TEU. In Latin American shopping malls, COSCO marine has invested 25 ships in 9 groups of routes operated by COSCO, with a total transport capacity of 210000 TEU. The pre emptive shift rate, coverage and delivery time of the shopping mall provide a solid guarantee for the intended operation.

Faced with the problem that it was difficult to find one cabin and one container in the shipping mall at that time, COSCO Shipping always put the protection of the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain in an important position. Through increasing ship leasing, pioneer special classes and other actions, COSCO Shipping increased its transportation capacity, guaranteed the supply of containers and provided services, not only making every effort to provide transportation guarantee for national brands and professional leading enterprises, Make every effort to deal with the shipping problems for the majority of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. Under the situation of imbalance between supply and demand of world shippin

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