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Diesel Engine Assembly ISDE230-30

Condition: Brand New & Original
Usage: Automobile
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available
Warranty: One year.
Place of Origin: China
  • ISDE230-30

ISDE series engine assembly

The dual core control module of continental Germany has added the functions of OBD and UDS / ODX, with faster processing speed and more powerful functions, realizing the balance between load demand, fuel efficiency and emission control

The powerful control system and the optimized design of fuel system and combustion system ensure the fuel economy and power performance under different use environment

The third generation of Bosch high-pressure common rail fuel system further improves low-speed performance, fuel economy and cold start-up, and reduces emissions

The power is strong, the output torque of 4-cylinder engine is 760 N.m, and the output torque of 6-cylinder engine is 1100n. M, which greatly improves the engine power reserve and transient response performance, and has fast acceleration and good climbing performance

Multiple noise reduction and shock absorption measures: double oil pan, silicone oil shock absorber, vibration isolation valve chamber and other noise reduction and vibration reduction measures fully meet the requirements of national standard GB14097-1999, making driving and riding more comfortable

Excellent cold start performance, intake air preheating, even at - 35 ℃ ultra-low temperature, the engine can be ignited successfully.

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