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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cummins Engine Application

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cummins Engine Application

In the previous articles on engines, Chongqing Mainwe has introduced the knowledge of many engines. Many people will think of Dongfeng truck, the engine Cummins engine. What about Cummins engine? Is its fuel consumption high? Chongqing Mainwe will answer for wholesalers one by one.

Introduction to Cummins engine

Cummins engine is designed and produced by Cummins Company. Cummins engine has a displacement of 1.4~91 liters and a power range of 31~3500 horsepower. It is widely used in heavy trucks, medium trucks, buses, recreational RV, light commercial vehicles, pickup trucks and other road vehicles, as well as engineering machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, ships, railways and other non road equipment.

Cummins Engine 1

Cummins engine model

Cummins diesel generator set is divided into joint venture Dongfeng Cummins, joint venture Chongqing Cummins and original imported Cummins.

1. Dongfeng Cummins

The power range of Dongfeng Cummins is 20kw-200kw. Common models are 4B3.9-G1,4BT3.9-G1,4BTA3.9-G2,6BT5.9-G1,6BTA5.9-G2,6CTA8.3-G2,6CTA8.3-G3,6LTAA8.9-G2

2. Chongqing Cummins

The power range of Chongqing Cummins is: NT855-GA,NTA855-G1A,MTAA11-G3,NTA855-G2A,NTAA855-G7A,KTA19-G3,KTA19-G4,KTAA19-G5,KTAA19-G6A,KTA38-G2,KTA38-G2A,KTA38-G5,KTA38-G9

3. Imported Cummins with original packaging

The power range of imported Cummins is 120kw-1800kw. Common models are: KTA19-G3,KTA19-G4,VTA28-G5,VTA28-G6,KTA38-G5,KTA38-G9,KTA50-G3,KTA50-G8,QSK60-G3,QSK60-G4

Cummins Engine 4

Cummins engine advantages

1. Prospective design and development capability

Cummins can develop corresponding solutions for different emission standards.

2. Mature supporting capability

Cummins' emission control technology can be perfectly matched with the engine life cycle and the whole vehicle, so that customers can obtain the best economic benefits

3. Advanced exhaust emission control technology

Includes cooled exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalytic oxygen and particulate filter.

4. Batch purchasing capability

With the continuous expansion of the aftertreatment market of Cummins, the scale of batch procurement has been formed, so as to provide customers with cost-effective products

Cummins Engine 3

Advantages of Cummins engine

1. Fuel saving

The advanced design and excellent manufacturing of Cummins make the fuel consumption much lower than that of similar products.

2. Powerful

The design of the wastegate makes the low-speed performance more perfect and the power performance better.

3. Excellent reliability

The cylinder block and cylinder head are designed in an integrated way to prevent water and oil leakage. The number of parts is more than 25% less than that of other similar products. The failure rate is greatly reduced.

3. Lower maintenance cost

The number of parts is relatively small and the use failure is relatively low, which greatly reduces the comprehensive maintenance cost of the engine. The maintenance time is more than 50% less than that of other similar products.

4. Excellent cold start performance

Equipped with electric preheating setting for intake air and 6.6KW high-power starter, the cold starting performance of the engine is completely improved. It passed the verification of the extremely low temperature of - 36 ℃ in Mohe, an Arctic village in China.

5. Meet Euro 2 emission standard

QSB7 Engine

Disadvantages of Cummins engine

The cost of Cummins engine parts is very high. Sometimes when the car is just started, a slight blue smoke may appear. After the engine has been used for a long time, it may not ignite.

Cummins engine application

1. Mining industry

The machine can meet the power demand from small construction machinery to large equipment to the largest extent, providing ideal power for various construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, rollers, graders, pavers, air compressors, cranes and forklifts.

Cummins Engine 5

2. Agriculture

Cummins agricultural engine has a wide product line, with a displacement of 1.4-15 liters and a power range of 31-600 horsepower. It adopts mechanical and fully electronic control modes, and has excellent power performance, reliability and fuel economy, meeting the most stringent European and American off-road motor equipment emission standards (above Tier3).

3. Ship engine field

Cummins has achieved success in the ship engine market since its establishment. The first engine successfully designed and manufactured was used in ships. In fact, from 1919 to 1934, more than half of our products were used in ships.

Cummins Engine 6

4. Oilfield field

Cummins is the world's leading manufacturer of power equipment for oil and gas fields. It can provide all-round power solutions for drilling, workover and production equipment in oil and gas fields, including engines, generator sets, mobile power stations, filters, fire pumps and post-treatment devices.

5.Railway industry

In order to meet the development of the railway transportation field, Cummins has developed and produced a series of engine products suitable for the railway transportation industry. These products have the following characteristics: high power, high durability, low emissions, and low engine lifetime operation and maintenance costs. The power range of the engine series is 68-3500 horsepower, and all of them are electronically controlled, which can meet the second and third stage (Tier 2/Tier 3) emission standards of European and American non road motor equipment, and fully meet the requirements of operators for environmental protection.

Cummins Engine 7

6. Power industry

The product lines of Cummins Power Business Department include diesel and alternative fuel generator sets (2.5 kW~2.7 MW), alternators (0.6 KVA~30000 KVA), generator engines, control systems, change-over switches (40 amps~3000 amps), switch cabinets, etc., which are widely used in office buildings, hospitals, factories, municipal administration, power plants, universities, recreational vehicles, yachts, home power supply and other fields.

Cummins Engine 8

Precautions for Cummins engine starting

1. Cummins starter shall not operate for more than 30 seconds each time, and the time interval for restarting is 2 minutes.

2. The lubricating oil pressure shall reach 70KPa within 15s after starting, or the oil level shall be checked immediately.

3. The load can only be increased after idling for 3-5 minutes after starting, otherwise the bearing pads will suffer from transient insufficient oil supply.

4. Idle speed shall not exceed 10min, otherwise there will be carbon deposit in combustion chamber, oil leakage of Cummins engine supercharger and other undesirable phenomena.

5. The water temperature of Cummins engine shall not be lower than 60 ℃, otherwise the fuel will enter the engine oil and damage the lubrication. The water temperature can be increased by accelerating with no load.

6. After starting in winter, keep idling until the pointer of the water temperature gauge turns or runs for 10min. While observing the water temperature gauge, pay attention to whether the oil pressure gauge meets the requirements. When using starting aid fluid in winter, a spray with a measuring hole must be used.

Cummins Engine 9

Cummins engine operating range

1.When the speed of Cummins engine is lower than the maximum torque, the full throttle operation shall not exceed 30s, otherwise the overhaul life of the engine will be shortened and the engine may be seriously damaged. Cummins engine works best above the maximum torque speed point, so it is recommended to operate Cummins engine within this range.

2.Under no circumstances or in any environment should Cummins engine run above the maximum idling speed.

Conclusion: The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge of Cummins engine. In general, Cummins engine is a cost-effective engine, which performs well in efficiency, reliability, fuel economy and other aspects, and has a wide range of applications. If necessary, wholesalers can consider one-stop batch procurement in Chongqing Mainwe.

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