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What is the difference between each type of construction engines?

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The diesel engine is widely used in construction machinery, so workers should know how to operate it. At the same time, there are many series of construction engines and their scope of application is different. So what is the difference between these series?


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How to use the construction engine?

What series does the construction engine have?

What is the difference between each type of construction engines?


How to use the construction engine?

Inspection and start up before operation

1. Check whether the lubricating oil level of the crankcase is within the range specified by the oil scale, and the oil level is not allowed to be too high or too low, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machinery and save fuel and lubricant;

2. Check whether the fuel is enough, whether there is water in the fuel tank, and whether there is any problem with other components.

3. For the construction engine with preheating device, open the preheating plug before starting, and preheat for 40-50 seconds. In cold area and cold season, it should be started after preheating 2-3 times;

4. It is not allowed to start the motor for a long time. Each start shall not exceed 10 seconds. When starting the motor continuously, the interval shall exceed 30 seconds. If it can not be started for three times in a row, the reason should be found out before starting.

Requirements in operation

1. In the process of operation, pay attention to observe and listen to the sound of each part of the machine. If any abnormality is found, find out the cause and remove the fault;

2. If the temperature of internal combustion engine is too high during operation, it is strictly forbidden to add cold water into the engine water tank or pour cold water on the engine to reduce the temperature. When the water tank needs to be opened, the operator should wear gloves and avoid the cover of the water tank to prevent scalding.

3. It is necessary to prevent the diesel engine from flying. If a speeding car is found, decisive measures should be taken to prevent major accidents.

Operation after operation

1. Before shutdown, the load should be removed and the throttle should be closed after medium speed operation. The construction engine equipped with worm gear supercharger should idle for 5-10 minutes after operation;

2. All kinds of lubricating oil and filters must be cleaned and replaced on time, and routine maintenance shall be carried out after operation.

diesel engine 

What series does the construction engine have?

The construction engine has B5.9, 6C8.3, QSM11,NT855 and other series.


What is the difference between each type of construction engines?

B5.9 series: the B5.9 series engine adopts integral cylinder block. The number of its parts is reduced by 40% compared with the same type of diesel engines, greatly reducing the failure rate. With its good cost performance, wide power range and stable performance, this kind of construction engines has become the most widely used engine in construction machinery. It is widely used in excavators, rollers, loaders, pavers, graders, forklifts and airport ground handling equipment (such as aircraft tractors, power vehicles) and other equipment.

6c8.3 series: it applies in trucks, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, pickup trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, oil and gas fields, railways, generator sets, etc.

Qsm11 series: QSM's high-pressure fuel injection system is combined with the electronic control function to ensure the clean, powerful and efficient continuous operation of the construction engine. The electronic control module (ECM) of QSM monitors the operation data in real time and continuously optimizes the fuel air mixture ratio to achieve the best combustion efficiency. This not only improves the response speed of the diesel engine, improves the fuel economy, but also greatly reduces the noise level. Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Construction works Mining.


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