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What is a marine engine?

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Diesel engine is still the first choice for the propulsion engine because of its good starting, maneuverability, endurance, technical maturity and superior economy. Other types of power plants can not replace its position. So what are the characteristics of marine diesel engine and its application?


Here is the content list:

What is a marine engine?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marine engines?

What are the applications of the marine engine?


What is a marine engine?

Marine diesel engine has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good economy, easy starting and great adaptability to all kinds of ships. After it came out, it was soon used as ship propulsion power. Marine diesel engine has been the main power of civil ships, small and medium-sized ships and conventional submarines (see ship power plant). Marine diesel engine can be divided into main engine and auxiliary engine according to its function in the ship. The main engine is used as the propulsion power of the ship, and the auxiliary engine is used to drive the generator, air compressor or water pump.

Marine engines are generally divided into high speed, medium speed and low speed diesel engines.

 diesel engine

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marine engines?

Marine low speed diesel engine is the main engine of the ship, which mainly provides power for the ship.

Large low-speed diesel engine is the main type of marine engine due to its high reliability and low-quality fuel. Secondly, the maintenance period of low-speed machines can reach tens of thousands of hours, while the maintenance period of high-speed machines can reach more than 10000 hours. Finally, because the structure of the low-speed machine is larger than that of the high-speed machine and the speed is lower, the operation is relatively stable.

The advantage of low speed is better than that of high speed in terms of service life, wear and maintenance. The advantage of high speed is small volume, which is more suitable for loading and other places with volume limitation. The disadvantage is that maintenance is troublesome and service life is not as good as that of low speed.


What are the applications of the marine engine?

When a ship is running in a river or ocean far away from land, it can not get timely supplies of water, fuel oil, lubricating oil and other corresponding consumables like a land vehicle. When the equipment fails, it can only rely on the existing technical level of the crew and the tools and equipment carried with the ship for maintenance and repair. Diesel and other liquid fuels are not only easy to carry and supplement, but also the marine diesel engine technology is relatively mature, and the economy is also good. Thermal turbomachinery and other kinds of new marine power plants are still unable to replace diesel engines in the field of civil ship propulsion. But at the same time, with the increasing depletion of oil resources, the development and application of diesel alternative fuel is also urgent.


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