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What is a construction engine?

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As we all know, whether it is a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, whether it is a marine engine or a car engine, it is a construction engine. So what exactly is a construction engine?

construction engine

A brief analysis of construction engine

The structure of the construction engine

A brief analysis of construction engine

Regardless of the size and design of the construction engine, the basic structure of the construction engine changes very little. Before determining the design and size, the intended use of the engine must be considered. The operating temperature of a building engine has a lot to do with the metal used in its structure.

By classifying construction engines according to construction and design, the problem of obtaining maintenance procedures and maintenance parts on site is simplified. Since many different jobs require a variety of construction engines, the engines are designed to have closely related cylinder sizes, valve arrangements, etc.

A building engine is an energy-driven machine that converts thermal energy into mechanical work. A construction engine is a complex machine designed to convert the heat in the combustion gas into the force that turns the wheels. These building engines are called heaters. There are many types of construction engines, such as electric motors, air motors, etc. This article is about the structure of internal combustion engines. The internal combustion engine consists of the following main parts: crank mechanism, valve operating mechanism, cooling system, lubrication system, fuel system, ignition system, and starting system.

The structure of the construction engine

The construction engine has two main mechanisms and 5 engine systems:

Crank mechanism-convert the back and forth movement of the piston into crankshaft rotation;

The valve operating mechanism-open and close the intake and exhaust valves in time.

Five main engine systems for construction engines:

The construction engine cooling system-is cooling the construction engine to working temperature; the oil system reduces the friction between the surfaces by distributing the oil to the moving parts that rub against each other;

Construction engine fuel system responsible for delivering fuel to the building engine;

construction engine ignition system-generates spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture in spark-ignited internal combustion engines;

construction engine starting system used to start the construction engine.

There are main types of construction engines.

Construction engine type

construction engine structure

The car engine is a heat engine. The heat engine in modern building engines is the internal combustion engine. All engines have main working parts and auxiliary parts.

The construction engine must have a strong structure to withstand the heavy workload. Therefore, it consists of two basic parts: the construction of the engine block and the cylinder head.

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