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What are the characteristics of a generator engine?

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The generator engine has made great contributions to human society since its invention. But how much do we know about generator engines? Next is some introduction about the characteristics of the generator engine.

Diesel Engine

Working principles

Structural features

Working principles

The diesel engine drives the generator, and the generator engine converts the energy of the diesel into electrical energy. In the diesel engine cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel sprayed from the fuel injector. Under the upward extrusion of the piston, the volume is reduced and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of diesel. The diesel is ignited, the mixed gas burns violently, and its volume expands rapidly, pushing the piston down, which is called ‘work’.

Gasoline Generator

The gasoline engine drives the generator to turn the energy of gasoline into electrical energy. In this kind of generator engine, the mixed gas burns violently in the cylinder of a gasoline engine, and its volume expands rapidly, pushing the piston down to perform work.

Regardless of whether it is a diesel generator or a gasoline generator, the cylinders of these generator engines work in a certain order in sequence, and the thrust acting on the piston becomes the force that drives the crankshaft to rotate through the connecting rod, thereby driving the crankshaft to rotate. By installing the brushless synchronous alternator coaxially with the crankshaft of the power machine, the rotor of the generator can be driven by the rotation of the power machine. Using the principle of "electromagnetic induction", the generator engine will output induced electromotive force, which can be generated by a closed load circuit.

Structural features


The function of the stator of the generator engine is to generate alternating current. The stator is composed of a stator core and a stator winding. However, the stator core is composed of silicon steel sheets with slots in the inner ring, and the wires of the stator winding are embedded in the slots of the core.


The function of the generator engine rotor is to generate a rotating magnetic field. The rotor is composed of claw poles, yoke, field winding, collector ring, and rotor shaft.


The function of the generator engine rectifier is to convert the three-phase alternating current of the stator winding into direct current. The rectifier of the 6-tube AC generator is composed of 6 silicon rectifier diodes to form a three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier circuit, and the 6 rectifier tubes are press-fitted separately ( Or welding) on two boards.


The end cover of the generator engine is generally divided into two parts (front cover and rear cover), which fix the rotor, stator, rectifier, and brush assembly. The end caps are generally made of aluminum alloy casting, one is that it can effectively prevent magnetic leakage, and the other is that aluminum alloy has good heat dissipation performance.

Generator engine features

The generator engine improves the magnetic circuit, and the rectifier uses eight tubes to increase the output power. And the rectifier and electronic regulator are installed in the generator. Moreover, the generator engine uses a charging indicator light to reduce the generator's self-excited speed. It also uses a brushless structure, which simplifies the generator structure, thus facilitating maintenance.

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