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What are the applications of construction engines?

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Diesel engine is commonly used in various mechanical engineering. Before using it, we need to know the product series and the difference from other diesel engines.Only in this way can we correctly select the corresponding construction diesel engine, so as to apply it in various scenarios


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What series does the construction engine have?

What are the differences between a construction engine and a automotive engine?

What are the applications of construction engines?


What series does the construction engine have?

The construction engine has B、C、K19/K38/K50、L、NT855 and QSX15 series. They can apply to truck, crane, loader, excavator and other engine equipment.

 construction diesel engine

What are the differences between a construction engine and a automotive engine?

1. The requirements for diesel engine are different. For example, the maximum power of automobile is determined by 15 minutes, while that of construction machinery is determined by 1 or 12 hours. That is to say, the maximum power of automotive engine is allowed to run continuously for 15 minutes, while that of construction engine is allowed to run continuously for 1 hour. The power calibration of automotive engine is high, such as yc6105q, but it is 105kW / 2800 rpm for automobile.

2. Diesel pump and the fuel supply characteristics are different. The rotational speed of construction engine is lower than that of automotive engine, mostly below 2500 rpm, and most of them are full range speed regulation.

3. The structure is different. Such as big fan, big intake and exhaust pipe, big flywheel and connecting device, big water tank.

4. Most of the engines of automobiles run in the high-speed area, while the construction engine often runs in the speed area with the maximum torque. Therefore, the engine of construction machinery will feel energetic. 

5. The requirement of engine oil for automotive diesel engine is higher than that for construction.


What are the applications of construction engines?

The electronically controlled diesel engine has been used in construction machinery, which will advance the advanced technology of electronic control. The simplicity of mechanical direct control fuel injection is combined with each other, and it has excellent control ability of injection pressure in the whole engine operating speed range. The combustion cycle of precise control reduces the combustion time.There are many kinds of construction machinery in China, including excavation machinery, earth moving machinery, construction lifting machinery, etc.

The application prospect of electronic control diesel engine in construction machinery is broad, which is also in line with the development trend of large-scale and multi-purpose construction machinery in China It is characterized by high efficiency, miniaturization, electronization and informatization, energy saving and environmental protection.


Our company has various series of construction diesel engine products and other diesel engines that can use in different projects. If you want to know more information and usage, please contact xxx company. We promise to provide you with high quality products and considerate service.

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