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What are the applications of automotive engines?

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Wherever power is needed, there are construction engines, because an engine is a machine that converts a kind of energy into kinetic energy. So what are the applications of construction engines?


Construction Diesel Engine

Application introduction in the field of construction engines

Application of performance parameters of building engines


Application introduction in the field of construction engines

The application in the field of construction engines mainly includes all fluid-related content from the intake system to the exhaust system. The working process of a construction engine includes four strokes of intake, compression, work, and exhaust. The intake process has a very important impact on the engine's power and economy.


Combustion is the most important part of the construction engine development process, and the in-cylinder process simulation is also the core part of the engine simulation. In-cylinder process simulation includes processes such as transient flow in the cylinder, spray mixing, combustion and heat release, and formation of emission pollutants.


construction engine water jacket simulation mainly analyzes the pressure drop, flow rate, temperature distribution, and convection heat transfer coefficient in the cooling water jacket, paying attention to whether the engine block cylinder head can be sufficiently cooled, and whether the pressure drop of the entire water jacket can meet the requirements of the water pump Flow requirements.

Fuel spray has a very important impact on the performance and emissions of construction engines. Pistons are one of the most important moving parts in construction engines, and they bear extremely high mechanical and thermal loads during operation.



Application of performance parameters of building engines

1. Power performance indicators: how much power is delivered, and how much power/torque reserve.

2. Economic performance indicators: fuel consumption per unit power unit time.

3. Reliability and durability indicators: the longest-running time between major repairs or replacement parts and the long-term working ability without failure.

4. Environmental performance indicators (NOx, HC, CO, particles, noise): harmful emissions per unit power unit time. Scope of use of internal combustion engine


The use of construction engines is very widespread. All kinds of vehicles on the ground (automobiles, tractors, diesel locomotives, etc.), mining, construction, and engineering machinery, because of the country’s electricity curtailment, many places have long used their power sources to generate electricity. Water transportation can be used for inland rivers and seas. The main engine and auxiliary engine of the ship. In the military, such as tanks, armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, heavy weapon tractors, and various surface ships, a large number of construction engines are used.


The construction engine has good torque characteristics and good starting and acceleration performance. Therefore, construction engines are widely used in airplanes, automobiles, speedboats, racing cars, small agricultural machinery, garden machinery, and even airplane models. Construction engines are widely used and are at the core of the industry chain. In the field of aero engines, the construction engine industry is the core sub-industry of the aviation industry, and its future development prospects are very broad.


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