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What are the Hot Diesel Generator Sets?

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What are the Hot Diesel Generator Sets?

Common unit manufacturers:

Kotey, Kohler, Carter, Cummins, Simpson, Wilson.

The main engines used by manufacturers are:

MTU, perkins, cummins, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, DEUTZ

Generators are mainly: stamford, leroy somer

The main controllers are: Comai, deep sea, AGC, the unit manufacturers themselves.

Properties of diesel generator set

  1. Diesel generator set is a kind of energy conversion equipment 。

    Chemical Energy → Heat Energy → Mechanical Energy → Electricity Fuel oil is its raw material, electricity is its product.

  2. Diesel generator set is a kind of electromechanical integration equipment, it is composed of diesel engine, alternator and control system these three components, its technology involves mechanical dynamics, electricity and automation control and other fields.

  3. Diesel generator set is a complete set of equipment, which is composed of some independent components, and the quality and performance of these independent components have an important impact on the quality of the whole system.

  4. Diesel generator set consists of engine, generator, control system and some accessories!There should be three nameplates on an oil engine, including the nameplate of the unit, the nameplate of the engine and the nameplate of the generator

    generator sets

Application of Diesel Generator Set

Self provided power supply-- Some power users have no grid power supply, such as military camps, workstations, radar stations, etc. on islands, remote villages, pastoral areas, desert plateau. Under the condition that the electric power is not too large, the diesel generator set becomes the first choice of self-contained power supply.

emergency supply--Mobile power is a power generation facility that has no fixed place of use and is transferred everywhere. Diesel generator set has become the first choice of mobile power supply due to its portability, flexibility, easy operation and other characteristics. There are self powered vehicles, trailers, trailers, etc. Most of the users have the nature of mobile work, such as communication emergency, oil field, geological exploration, field operations, engineering rescue, etc.

What are the application classifications of diesel generator sets?

Long distance flight crew

When the diesel generator set is used as the standby power supply, it provides continuous power supply for the non constant load, has no limit on the continuous operation time, and allows 1h operation every 12H exceeding 10% of the rated power of the oil engine.

Features: Long operation time, heavy load, and many power points relative to the limit power of the machine are adjusted to lower points.

Standby unit

When the diesel generator set is used as backup power supply, it provides continuous power supply to the non-constant load and has no limit on the continuous operation time. On average, 1 hour of full load operation is allowed every 12 hours, and no more than 500 hours of full load operation are allowed per year

Features: KEEP the standby state at any time, when the mains failure starts to run, to ensure the power supply, to meet the basic production and life needs of users

Emergency generator

When diesel generator set is used as emergency power supply, it is suitable for units with high requirements on power supply quality. The emergency diesel generator set should be able to start operation quickly when the mains supply is suddenly interrupted, and provide stable AC power to the load in the shortest time.

Features: Advanced technology, high degree of automation requirements.

Manually set

The operator starts, closes, speeds, opens and shuts down the generator set on site.

Features: Vibration and noise, oil mist and exhaust gas produced during operation have a bad effect on the body of the operator.

What is the classification of diesel generator set according to the control mode?

Automatic unit

The automatic unit is generally used as a standby unit and has the functions of automatic startup, automatic operation, automatic shutdown, etc. Generally, ATS automatic switching system is equipped to realize automatic switching of load between mains power supply and oil engine power supply to ensure continuous supply of load power.

Features: reduce the dependence on operators and shorten the interruption time of load power supply.

Remote control unit

Remote monitoring automatic diesel generator set, commonly known as "three shake" unit or with intelligent interface unit.

Features: Adopt microcomputer control technology to implement full automatic control of diesel generator set. The RS232 or RS485 communication port is used to realize the real-time remote control, remote communication and telemetry for the units scattered in different places.

What are the classifications of diesel generator sets constructed according to their appearance?

Basic type unit

Basic type unit

Anti-sound type unit

Anti-sound type unit

Sound proof trailer unit

Sound proof trailer unit

On-board power station

On-board power station

Container type unit

Container type unit

What are the main structures of diesel generator sets?

Mainly diesel engine, three-phase AC brushless synchronous generator, control box, cooling water tank, fuel tank and other components of the whole.

generator sets

What are the diesel generator set systems?


What are the main components and working principles of the diesel generator set?

The diesel engine is the power part of the diesel generator set and a type of internal combustion engine. It is a thermal engine that injects diesel into the cylinder to mix with air, and then converts the energy released by compression combustion into mechanical energy. It is generally composed of engine block group, crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, air inlet and fuel system of valve train, air inlet and exhaust system, lubrication system, cooling system, starting system and electrical system.


Each working cycle of the four stroke engine is completed in the four strokes of the piston by moving up and down twice, as shown in the figure:

1. Intake (inflation) stroke: When the fresh mixture of fuel and air enters the cylinder, the piston moves downward.

2. Compression stroke: With the inlet valve and exhaust valve closed, the piston moves upward, and the combustible mixture is compressed.

3. Power stroke: ignite and burn the combustible mixture to push the piston downward.

4. Exhaust stroke: the upward moving piston exhausts the burnt waste gas from the exhaust valve.

The four strokes of a four stroke engine are repeated thousands of times in one minute as a working cycle. Four stroke engine is also called four cycle system, also called Otto cycle.

Main indexes of engine have Effective torque, effective power, Fuel consumption rate, Exhaust quality, Noise, Startup performance

Overall drawing of diesel engine


The main components of diesel engine block include cylinder block, cylinder head, oil pan, cylinder liner,crankshaft, connecting rod, piston connecting rod set, crankshaft flywheel set, valve assembly and valve transmission assembly, air filter for intake system, exhaust turbocharger for exhaust system, etc.

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