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Warm reminder | precautions for excavator operation in summer

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In the hot summer, it's a good time to work, but the temperature is too high, strong wind, heavy rain and lightning come on stage one after another. Please pay attention to the daily inspection - operation - parking of the excavator!


I. daily inspection

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the antifreeze level, oil level, hydraulic oil level and swing gear oil level of the engine are in the normal position.

2. Check whether the radiator is blocked

3. Check whether there is oil leakage in the machine pipeline, especially in high-temperature areas such as the engine. Oil leakage is easy to cause fire.

4. In hot weather, the air conditioner cannot be less. Check whether the air conditioner filter element needs to be replaced. Work is very important, and health is more important.

II. Operation

1. Due to the high ambient temperature in summer, the machine failure rate will increase significantly. During operation, always pay attention to the operation of the machine and whether there is an alarm on the display. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection in time.

2. When there is a large amount of rain, pay attention to the road surface, especially where there is thick silt, and pay attention to the surrounding environment during operation.

3. Construction shall be stopped in storm, rainstorm and lightning weather.

Three parking

1. Cut off the power supply when the excavator is parked for a long time, and pay attention to the waterproof protection of the electrical parts of the excavator.

2. The excavator shall be parked in low-lying areas far away from rivers, landslide areas, areas on the top of the mountain that are easy to be struck by lightning, etc.

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