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WOW! Dongfeng tractor with supporting Shangchai 12et engine won another hundred big orders in Xinjiang

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Recently, Dongfeng Xinjiang guoliu tractor equipped with Shangchai 440hp 12et gas engine has won more than 100 orders from Xinjiang with its ultra-high cost performance, reliability and economy, and won the trust of more users with excellent quality.

As the market vane of Northwest gas heavy truck, Xinjiang is self-evident in its "picky degree" of gas heavy truck. In the final analysis, Dongfeng Xinjiang can not stand out in such a depressed environment without the high-quality power products of Shangchai.


The maximum power of Shangchai 12et is 440hp. When starting at 800r / min, the low-speed torque can reach 1430n. M, in the range of 1100 ~ 1500r / min, and the maximum torque can reach 1950n. M. it has the advantages of fast starting, short acceleration time, strong climbing and overtaking ability, and can greatly improve the operation efficiency of customers.

At the same time, the mature and reliable oh2.0 electronic control gas system of Woodward company is adopted for Shangchai 12et engine, and the equivalent combustion technology is applied to accurately control the air-fuel ratio. In addition, with the technical support of overhead camshaft, variable oil pump and low elastic piston ring group, the gas consumption rate is 5% - 10% lower than that of similar competitive products, which has high economy. Under the situation of high gas price this year, the product has outstanding advantages.

As we all know, Xinjiang is located in the northwest border of China. It is not uncommon to see Gobi or barren areas, or even no man's land. However, the super long service cycle promised by Shangchai is not only a strong confidence in the quality of its own products, but also ensures that car owners have no worries, so that card users can have a reassurance. With excellent quality and considerate service, Shangchai natural gas engine will win the favor of more and more users.

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