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The sales volume of construction machinery declined in July, and the export maintained growth

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In July, the performance of the construction machinery industry declined. In the first quarter, China's construction machinery industry continued its growth trend for more than four years, and the sales of some models reached a new high. However, in the second quarter, the growth rate of the main products of the industry, except the aerial work platform, basically decreased, and the domestic sales volume of excavators fell year-on-year for three consecutive months. On the whole, the market is facing challenges. However, industry insiders expressed optimism that with the intensive issuance of special bonds and the successive implementation of infrastructure, real estate and other projects, the industry will maintain a certain amount of growth in the second half of the year. The rising cost has become a challenge, and the industry is facing the challenge brought by the rising cost. The upstream of construction machinery industry is mainly the material industry providing raw materials and parts, motor and parts manufacturing industry, such as steel for construction machinery, internal combustion engine, hydraulic system, bearing, tire, etc. Raw materials account for more than 90% of the total cost of construction machinery enterprises.


Recently, the sharp rise in the price of iron ore raw materials in the international market has led to the continuous rise of steel prices. Under the surge of raw materials, construction machinery enterprises bear greater cost pressure. At present, construction machinery enterprises have made corresponding price adjustments for products with a large proportion of steel, such as construction cranes and mixing plants, which partially transmit cost pressure; Enterprises and suppliers negotiate to jointly bear and digest some costs and jointly deal with market fluctuations. According to experts' prediction, the current round of rising commodity prices has a certain lagging impact on the macroeconomic impact. The medium and long-term upward trend may have taken shape, and the prices of raw materials are still bullish or flat in the short term. With the strong strength of national six products, with the provisions of stopping the production and sales of heavy diesel vehicle products that do not meet the requirements of national six standards from July 1, major construction machinery enterprises have launched national six products and achieved good results.

On July 31, the "launch conference of Sany guoliu concrete machinery complete equipment and S-Series pump truck" was held online. Sany Heavy Industry officially released 45 complete sets of new products of national VI concrete, such as S-Series 62m and 65m flagship pump trucks. Chen Jing, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of pumping marketing company, said that from the latest monthly data, the concrete machinery and equipment industry still shows a good development trend, "the industry pattern is basically stable, and the leading advantage is expected to be further strengthened." It is understood that as early as 2018, Sany Heavy Industry identified "green, intelligent and unmanned" as the strategic direction, and launched the first batch of "national six" products in 2019. The 45 complete sets of new concrete machinery and equipment released this time have reached the "national six" phase B emission standard three years in advance. Compared with the "national five year plan" products, the emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) of these new products are reduced by 77%, and the emissions of particulate matter (PM) are reduced by more than 67%. It is worth noting that Sany's new products broke through a number of key core technologies, and the difficulties such as high-strength steel plate, hydraulic parts, oil cylinder, reducer, electronic components and engine were overcome one by one. The key and important parts of pump truck were 100% self-made.

Zoomlion demonstrated the company's national six "Star" products, including the 43M pump truck of the national six Zoomlion liberation floating bridge and the Jiefang jh6pro mixer, at the recent launch ceremony of the "Surpassing" season of concrete machinery "galloping thousands of miles and taking the long march road". The two products will challenge the altitude, temperature, slope, curve and other difficult road conditions of the long march road, and show the strong strength of Zoomlion products.

In addition, recently, the technical test team of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group took the company's new generation xg958n wheel loader to the plateau area above 4000 meters above sea level in Tibet to carry out various technical performance tests of the engine and the whole machine under harsh working conditions such as high altitude, low pressure, hypoxia and high cold, and verified the stable and reliable quality of Xiamen Construction Engineering loader under the extreme challenge with hard strength.

The export market performed well. From January to July, the overall performance of construction machinery in the export market was good. In the "tide out of the sea" of Chinese construction machinery enterprises, XCMG once again set a new industry record. On July 20, "COSCO Sao Paulo", carrying nearly 1000 XCMG excavators, loaders and other construction machinery products, sailed from berth 29 of Lianyungang new Oriental international container terminal and sent it to South America. It is reported that this is the largest single batch export order of China's construction machinery industry in recent five years.

Industry experts said that from January to May this year, the export of construction machinery to six continents increased significantly, including US $5.361 billion exported to Asia, accounting for 44.97% of the total export, with a year-on-year increase of 46.7%. According to the trade insurance underwriting department of China SINOSURE, the export continued to improve significantly, which is related to the gradual relaxation of overseas epidemic control and the strengthening of infrastructure construction in various countries to restore the economy. However, at present, the overseas epidemic situation is divided, the local epidemic situation in Asia has rebounded, and the economic and trade environment of some countries is still complex, which has brought changes in the volatility of default risk.

It is understood that in the first half of 2021, the overall underwriting scale of China SINOSURE construction machinery industry increased significantly, with a year-on-year increase of 19.5%, and the growth rate in the second quarter was higher than that in the first quarter, and the export boom expanded. Although the overall risk has decreased, the risks in hot spots are frequent. The adverse effects of the situation in Myanmar continue; Cambodia's market fell sharply and concentrated on reporting losses. The risks in India and Indonesia increased rapidly due to the drag of the epidemic, and some countries tended to spread to sy

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