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The annual report of construction machinery industry was compiled in 2020, and the operating revenue of the whole industry increased by 16% over the previous year

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According to the requirements of the notice on doing a good job in the annual statistical report of the construction machinery industry in 2002 (GJX [2021] No. 01), the statistics and economic operation Department of the association, with the cooperation and support of relevant branches and enterprises, has preliminarily completed all links of the annual report summary in nearly half a year.


297 enterprises participated in the submission and summary of effective annual reports of the industry in 2020, reflecting the majority of enterprises' support for industry statistical information and attention to industry development. The collection of the 2020 comprehensive statistical annual report of enterprises in the construction machinery industry has ended, and the follow-up summary and printing are being carried out urgently, including the compilation of the production, sales and inventory of main products of major construction machinery enterprises in 2020 and the completion of economic indicators of major construction machinery enterprises in 2020, After printing, the statisticians of the enterprises participating in the submission will be distributed to the participating enterprises free of charge as a summary of the development of the industry in 2020, historical reference and enterprise certification basis.

In 2020, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the construction machinery industry made efforts to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, paid close attention to the resumption of work and production, and the production and sales recovered rapidly. It showed a stable development situation in April, and maintained a rapid growth momentum in each month thereafter, becoming one of the industries with the best development situation in the equipment manufacturing industry. The sales volume of 12 kinds of construction machinery products in the key statistics of the whole year increased by 29.6%, and some of them reached the highest level in history; The operating revenue of key enterprises increased by 30.4% and the total profit of key enterprises increased by 48.3%, showing a good development trend. According to the statistical survey of enterprises in the whole industry by the association, after deducting incomparable factors, duplicate data and non construction machinery industry, the whole industry will realize an operating revenue of 775.1 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 16% over 2019; The total profit was 59.1 billion yuan, an increase of 46.3% over 2019.

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