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The Generator Set Checks That Temperature Is Too High In Several Directions

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The Generator Set Checks That Temperature Is Too High In Several Directions

The temperature of the diesel generator set is too high, and there is a problem with the equipment. On this issue, we have reached a consensus. How can we conduct targeted investigations when we know of equipment failure? Check out the tips from the staff.

Check directions for excessive temperature:

Mainwe Engine

1. Diesel generator sets use hard water for a long time, and a large amount of scale is formed in the water tank and waterway, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

2. Too much impurities are deposited in the water channel of the body and the cylinder head, which makes the water circulation not smooth, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

3. Serious burning of oil, resulting in too much carbon deposition. Poor heat dissipation.

4. Improper operation and use. When starting the diesel engine, the small and medium accelerator should be used to warm up for a period of time, and the accelerator and load should not be suddenly increased, otherwise the diesel engine will work rough and the temperature will rise sharply. Or the diesel engine is overloaded for a long time, which will also cause the temperature of the diesel engine to be too high.

5. The diesel engine is overheated due to the late fuel supply time.

6. Immediately put into full-load operation after maintenance, resulting in overheating of moving parts, or jamming due to too small fitting clearance.

7. Insufficient cooling water, resulting in overheating of the diesel engine.

Based on the operating experience of our employees, the common causes of excessive temperature are the seven aspects mentioned above, which are seven aspects that we can investigate. Again, you can do a simple breakdown investigation, but professional maintenance is involved. Good to rely on professional manufacturers.

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