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The silent diesel generator/low noise diesel unit conforms to relevant national standards such as GB2820-90. The low noise diesel unit has various design types such as low noise workstation, low noise automatic unit, low noise automobile power station, low noise trailer power station and so on. Low-noise diesel units have the advantages of stable performance, reliable operation, low emissions and low fuel consumption.

1. Vibration reduction facilities, high-performance shock absorbers are used between the diesel engine bridges to reduce the noise generated by vibration.

2. The sound insulation cover is a sound insulation cover made of four to five layers of sound-absorbing materials, with mature technology, sound absorption and sound insulation, and the effect is obvious.

3. The air inlet muffler, the labyrinth-type air inlet muffler with three layers of sound-absorbing materials, not only ensures the sufficient entry of fresh air, but also effectively seals the noise from the outside.

4. The exhaust muffler, the labyrinth type exhaust muffler with three layers of sound-absorbing materials, not only ensures the smooth exhaust, but also effectively seals the noise transmission and diffusion.

5. The use of exhaust muffler and impedance composite muffler greatly reduces the noise when the exhaust gas is discharged, and the discharge can meet the national standard.

6. The power cable connection adopts a fixed junction box structure, which is directly connected outside the box.

In addition, the structure of the sound insulation cover is similar to that of the sound insulation cover. The windows are double-glazed, and the doors and windows and the sound insulation cover are strictly sealed to limit the noise.

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