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Recently, the demand for large-scale excavation broke out, and the construction machinery sector continued to strengthen

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On August 2, the A-share construction machinery sector continued to strengthen due to the recent outbreak of demand for large-scale excavation. As of press time, the limits of sinomachinery heavy equipment (601399. SH), Sany Heavy Industry (600031. SH) and Zoomlion (000157. SZ) rose; XCMG machinery (000425. SZ), Liugong (000528. SZ), Shantui shares (000680. SZ) and other stocks rose.


Pacific Securities Research Report refers to: there are signs of explosion in large-scale excavation demand recently, mainly due to the sharp increase in coal demand and tight coal supply. In view of this situation, various departments require to ensure the supply of coal to ensure the demand for coal, and about 50% of large-scale excavation is used for coal mining, and various restrictions have been eliminated. Since this year, the issuance of special bonds in many places has been accelerated to promote the construction of various projects, make up for shortcomings, benefit people's livelihood, stabilize investment and promote development. In addition, the steel price continued to rise in the first half of this year and reached a record high in mid May. However, with the proposal of the policy of "ensuring supply and stabilizing price", the steel price gradually decreased and returned to a reasonable range. The decline of raw material prices reduced the construction cost of various projects, improved the construction enthusiasm of the construction party, accelerated the construction speed and improved the construction demand. At present, the overall sales volume of excavators in July will continue to improve year-on-year. With the implementation of infrastructure, real estate and other projects, the demand for excavators in the peak season from September to October may exceed expectations and be optimistic!

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