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On the upgrading of China's construction machinery manufacturing from the perspective of "railway construction heavy industry"

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On June 22, 2021, China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation, was officially listed and traded in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company's roadheader equipment belongs to the category of high-end equipment and is known as the "heavy weapon of a big country". After listing, it will bring more convenient financing channels for the company, provide better reputation endorsement internationally and strive for the future development potential of the company.

China's shield machine breaks the foreign monopoly,

Reverse export to foreign markets


CRCC heavy industry was established in November 2006. In the early stage, it mainly engaged in turnout and other material business. In 2008, it entered the field of tunnel boring machine; CRCC heavy industry has always aimed at the goal of "world-class and domestic leading". At present, it has effectively changed the situation that high-end underground engineering equipment such as tunnel boring machine has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, and has developed a super large diameter shield machine directly up to 16.07m, which is also the largest diameter shield machine in China. The long-distance and large slope double-mode inclined shaft TBM, large-diameter water balance shield machine, permanent magnet synchronous driven earth pressure balance shield machine and shield anchor digging machine independently developed by the company have reached the international advanced level as a whole.

After decades of rapid development, the production conditions and manufacturing capacity of CRCC heavy industry have reached and surpassed the level of international well-known enterprises. The products break the import monopoly and enter the international market.

The company has a comprehensive product line and strong competitiveness

At present, China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design, R & D, manufacturing and sales of roadheader equipment, rail transit equipment and special professional equipment. Railway construction heavy industry products are mainly divided into three categories: roadheader equipment, rail transit equipment and special professional equipment.

Roadheader equipment is a kind of important products in engineering machinery, which is mainly used in the mechanized construction of tunnels, roadways and pipe holes.

The TBM equipment products of CRCC heavy industry are divided into three main categories, including shield machine, rock tunnel boring machine and pipe jacking machine.

In 2012, among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, 11 Chinese enterprises were listed, and CRCC heavy industry ranked among the top 30 global construction machinery manufacturers, ranking fifth among the Chinese construction machinery manufacturers on the list.

There are many manufacturers in the industry and the competition is fierce

Since the manufacturing of the first domestic large-scale tunnel construction mechanization equipment - shield machine was completed in 2009, China has gradually got rid of its dependence on foreign complete sets of equipment. In addition to some key components, it may also rely on imports, and has the design and assembly capacity of the whole shield machine.

It is estimated that there are 15-30 enterprises involved in shield manufacturing in China. Among them, China railway equipment, China railway construction heavy industry, China jiaotian, Sansan heavy industry, North heavy industry equipment, Shanghai tunnel machinery manuf

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