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How to use marine engines?

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In order to improve the safety of ship operation and reduce the possibility of ship failure, it is essential to strengthen the repair and maintenance of marine diesel engine. So how to use the marines engine correctly is the best?


Here is the content list:

What are the characteristics of marine engines?

What is the difference between a marine engine and an automotive engines?

How to use marine engines?


What are the characteristics of marine engines?

The structural features of marine diesel engine are as follows:

1. The advanced model calculation method is adopted to optimize the water channel system of the engine, and the double inlet water channel system is adopted to make all parts of the marine engine cool evenly;

2. The diesel engine adopts the skirt multi arc surface strengthening structure and dry cylinder liner structure, and the overall stiffness is greatly increased;

3. The diesel engine has built-in two axle balance system, which has small working vibration and good driving comfort;

4. The oil cooling system is built in the engine, which has high cooling efficiency and high reliability.

The advantages of marine diesel engine are large torque and good economic performance.

 marine diesel engine

What is the difference between a marine engine and an automotive engine?

First, marine oil generally has a high base number. Due to the high sulfur content of marine fuel (generally in the range of 0.5% ~ 3.5%), the lubricating oil must have enough alkali retention to neutralize the acidic substances generated after fuel combustion.

Second, marine oil has good water resistance. It is inevitable that the ship will encounter water pollution when sailing at sea, so the marine lubricating oil must have good anti emulsification performance and water separation performance, while the land diesel engine oil does not have this working condition or this requirement.

In addition, marine oil has all the other properties of automotive engine oil.


How to use marine engines?

1. When filling oil, lubricating oil of different specifications shall not be mixed.

2. It is not allowed to run diesel engine without air filter to avoid early wear of diesel engine. Air filter should be kept in good condition to avoid blockage, which will affect the performance of diesel engine and lead to power decrease.

3. The diameter of the external exhaust pipe should be larger than the exhaust expansion joint of diesel engine, which may reduce the bending angle. The number of the exhaust pipe shall not be greater than 390 degrees, so as to ensure the smooth exhaust. The exhaust pipe shall be supported by hanger, and it is strictly forbidden to use the exhaust pipe of marine engines, otherwise the turbocharger of diesel engines will be damaged and the service life of turbocharger will be reduced.

4. All external pipelines must be cleaned of welding slag after welding; seawater inlet shall be equipped with specified mesh filter to avoid equipment damage caused by impurities.

5. Direct cooling of diesel engine with seawater is not allowed. When the seawater is cooled, the intercooler is cooled first and then the heat exchanger is cooled.

6. Before starting the marine engine, do a good job of "preparation before starting" and remember that the diesel engine must be started without load.

7. It is forbidden to run the diesel engine at low speed for a long time. Long time low-speed operation of the diesel engine will cause incomplete combustion and carbon deposition, which will increase fuel consumption, reduce power, exhaust smoke and reduce economy.

8. The diesel engine has been stopped for a long time. Before it is used again, the handle of the oil pump should be turned manually to lubricate the parts of the oil pump, so as to prevent the runaway caused by the lack of oil.


After buying the marine engine, only by using correctly can extend its life, so as to safely navigate the ship. If you want to know more about the engine, please contact xxx company.

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