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How to use automotive engines?

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Now the diesel passenger car is very popular abroad, its thermal efficiency is 30% - 35% higher than gasoline engine, clean and efficient, and through the design of a lower compression ratio, the diesel engine has more obvious advantages in weight reduction, efficiency and emission. So how to use the automotive engine?


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What is the automotive engine?

How to use automotive engines?

What are the applications of automotive engines?


What is the automotive engine?

Automotive diesel engines are divided into single cylinder, double cylinder, four cylinder, six cylinder, eight cylinder, 12 cylinder, multi cylinder, etc. decades ago, people once gave up diesel cars. The image of diesel engine with large volume, high noise and bad smell still remains in many people's memory. However, after decades of development, modern diesel engine has become a clean emission, energy saving power, is a feasible transitional technology solutions. In Europe, the sales volume of diesel vehicles has accounted for 40% of the total sales volume of vehicles, and the sales volume of diesel vehicles in the U.S. market is gradually increasing.

 diesel engine

How to use automotive engines?

The lifting of automotive engines

When lifting the automotive engines, pay attention to keep the crankshaft center level and avoid tilting

The installation of diesel engines

During the matching installation, it should be ensured that the crankshaft center line of the diesel engine is coaxial with the input shaft axis of the transmission device (gearbox, gearbox or generator, etc.), and that the crankshaft does not bear the additional axial force caused by the installation.

Preparation before startup

Check the coolant, fuel level, engine level and various accessories, etc.

The start of automotive engines

The power switch and key are in the start position to start the engine. The diesel engine cannot run directly at high speed, it needs to run at low speed for a period of time, but it can not be too long.

The operation of engines

Pay attention to check the parameter value, relevant parts during use and whether there is water leakage or oil leakage in the diesel engine, and stop the engine for inspection if necessary.


What are the applications of automotive engines?

The remarkable advantages of diesel engine, such as high power, low emission and good electronic control, will make the diesel engine have great development in the new era. Now the major manufacturers in the world are committed to the research and development of new green automotive engines, and the emission of no and particulate matter will be further improved. The key is the precise configuration of fuel and the post-processing of exhaust gas. Many new electronic technologies will be applied to new automotive engines. Moreover, in the aspect of hybrid power, diesel engine also has application characteristics. High torque combined with fast response and zero emission of electric vehicle will be a good choice.


Diesel engine is becoming an indispensable power machine. In the process of use, there are many things to pay attention to, otherwise it will lead to failure and reduce its life. You can consult us for any questions about diesel engine, and the company will provide you with detailed answers.

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