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​How to stop the oil leak in diesel engine?

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We all know the safe use of diesel engines. If there is a leakage of diesel engine oil, how should we deal with it? The following are methods to prevent diesel engine oil leakage.


Causes of Diesel Engine Oil Leakage

Ways to prevent diesel engine oil leakage


Causes of Diesel Engine Oil Leakage

Improper oil level or incorrect reading on the oil dipstick. When the diesel engine is parked on level ground, wait long enough for the oil to return, and check whether the oil level is correct. The crankcase ventilation system is blocked or parts are malfunctioning. Such as turbocharger failure. Lubricating oil leaks from the oil drain bolt on the engine floor (oil pan). For this kind of failure, replace the oil pan bolts according to the situation. If the thread on the oil pan is damaged, replace the oil pan directly. Diesel engine floor gasket, sealing performance failure causes lubricating oil leakage.

diesel engine


Ways to prevent diesel engine oil leakage

Replace the sealing gasket, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, crankshaft front and rear oil seals, camshaft oil seals, and other parts. Remove the old sealant adhering to the sealant application surface and the mating surface. Completely remove the attached old sealant from the sealant application surface, fixing bolts and bolt holes. Wipe clean sealant application surface and mating surface to remove attached water, grease, and foreign matter.

If there is a leakage of diesel engine oil, the leak should be found immediately before repairing and adding diesel engine oil. Diesel engine oil is called the blood of the engine. If there is no engine oil in the diesel engine, the diesel engine cannot run normally. Diesel engine oil not only plays a role in lubrication in the engine but also plays a role in cleaning, sealing, buffering, rust prevention, and heat dissipation. When the diesel engine is running, the diesel engine oil will form a layer of oil film on the surface of various parts in the engine, which can prevent the direct contact of various parts in the engine from causing friction. If the various parts in the diesel engine are in direct contact and cause friction, it will instantly cause a large amount of heat, which will affect the engine overheating. If the diesel engine is overheated, the diesel engine will not operate normally. Every performance of diesel engine oil will decrease after prolonged use. Of course, diesel engine oil needs to be replaced regularly. Every time the diesel engine oil is changed, the engine oil filter element must be replaced. The function of the diesel engine oil filter element is to filter the oil, which is very important for diesel engines. If there is no oil filter, the diesel engine oil will be very dirty after being used for a period, which will affect the performance of the diesel engine. When changing engine oil, you need to drain the old engine oil in the diesel engine and add new engine oil.


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