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How to maintain the automotive engine?

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A few decades ago, people once gave up diesel cars. The image of diesel engine with large volume, high noise and bad smell still remains in many people's memory. However, after decades of development, modern diesel engine has become a clean emission, energy saving power, is a feasible transitional technology solutions. The life of automotive engines depends on the maintenance measures


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What are the characteristics of automotive engines?

What is the working principle of a automotive engine?

How to maintain the automotive engine?


What are the characteristics of automotive engines?

(1) It has high energy density and low fuel consumption, which is very important to save energy and improve economic efficiency.

(2) Good fuel economy.

(3) The emission of greenhouse gas is low, and its carbon dioxide emission is about 30-35% lower than that of gasoline engine. However, the exhaust gas contains more harmful components and has higher noise, which has attracted attention in environmental protection.

(4) The range of power and speed is very wide, so the application field is wide            (5) Compared with gasoline engine, the structure is more complex, the material and process requirements of parts are higher, the manufacturing cost is higher, and the quality is higher.

(6) There are many new technologies applied and developed rapidly. The investment in product R & D and production equipment is large, which belongs to technology intensive and capital intensive products.

 automotive engines

What is the working principle of a automotive engine?

The simple process of diesel fuel delivery is as follows: the fuel pump sends the diesel to the filter, and then enters the fuel injection pump (in order to ensure sufficient fuel and maintain a certain pressure, the fuel supply quantity of the fuel injection pump is required to be much larger than that of the fuel injection pump. The excess diesel will return to the fuel tank through the low-pressure pipe, and the rest of the diesel will be compressed to high pressure by the fuel injection pump) and enter the injector through the high-pressure pipe Then it is injected into the cylinder combustion chamber for medium pressure combustion.

In order to make the diesel engine work stably at idle speed and limit the overspeed of the diesel engine, the fuel injection pump is also equipped with a governor. Fuel injection pump is the most precise part in the fuel supply system of diesel engine. Its function is to adjust the amount of diesel oil according to the change of diesel engine working condition, increase the pressure of diesel oil, and supply diesel oil to the injector according to the specified time and law.


How to maintain the automotive engine?

(1)Use lubricating oil of appropriate quality grade.

(2)Change the automotive engine oil and filter element regularly.

(3)Keep the crankcase well ventilated. Contamination around the PCV valve must be removed regularly.

(4)Clean the crankcase regularly.

(5)Clean the fuel system regularly.

(6)Maintain air filter, oil filter and gasoline filter.


The modern automotive engines is gradually popular after improvement. Every part of vehicle diesel engine structure needs careful maintenance to prolong its service life. If you want to know more information or get service, please contact xxx company.

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