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How to maintain marine engines?

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Marine engine has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good economy, easy starting and great adaptability to all kinds of ships. By the 1950s, diesel engines had almost completely replaced steam engines in newly built ships. Marine engine is the main power of civil ships, small and medium-sized ships and conventional submarines。The shelf life of marine engine is generally 1-3 years, and its service life is related to use and maintenance. So how to maintain marine engines?


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What are the types of marine engines?

How does the marine engine works?

How to maintain marine engines?


What are the types of marine engines?

Modern marine diesel engines are generally divided into high speed, medium speed and low speed diesel engines. Among which high speed marine engines can be divided into the following three categories:

(1)Normal naturally aspirated engine. The most common diesel engine is still used in low-end boats.

(2)Turbocharged engine. Most of the engines used on ships today are of this type. It is an important development direction of modern diesel engine to adopt exhaust gas turbocharging to improve supercharging degree, further lighten weight, high speed, low fuel consumption, low noise and low pollution.

(3)Electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine. The common rail injection fuel supply system is composed of high pressure oil pump, common fuel supply pipe, fuel injector, electronic control unit (ECU) and some pipeline pressure sensors. Each injector in the system is connected with the common oil supply pipe through its own high-pressure oil pipe, and the special oil supply pipe plays the role of hydraulic pressure storage for the injector. During operation, the high-pressure oil pump delivers fuel to the common supply pipe at high pressure. The closed-loop work of high-pressure oil pump, pressure sensor and ECU realizes accurate control of the oil pressure in the common oil supply pipe, which completely changes the phenomenon that the oil supply pressure changes with the engine speed.

 Marine engine

How does the marine engine works?

A stream of fresh air is pumped or pumped into the marine engine cylinder and then compressed to a high pressure by the moving piston. When air is compressed, its temperature rises so that it can ignite the mist of fuel injected into the cylinder. The combustion of fuel adds more heat to the air, causes expansion and forces the piston of the generator to do work on the crankshaft, which in turn drives the propeller of the ship through other shafts.


How to maintain marine engines?

(1)Improve the quality of fuel used

(2)Maintain air filter and air cooler

In the management, for the two-stroke engine, attention should be paid to cleaning the inlet, outlet and exhaust channel in time. The four-stroke machine should ensure the correct valve timing.

(3)Maintain proper cooling water temperature.

Due to the different sailing areas and seasons, the sea water temperature of ocean going ships varies greatly. When the diesel engine is running, the opening of the bypass valve of the fresh water cooler should be adjusted to keep the water temperature normal. At the same time, the diesel engine must be warmed before starting to improve the starting performance.

(4)Reasonable use of load and reduction of fuel consumption

(5)Strengthen the maintenance of fuel injector

When maintaining the injector, if the conical surface of the needle valve is worn unevenly, grind it carefully to restore its sealing performance. However, when the valve surface sinks, it is necessary to replace the new coupling. In addition, do not install the oil head gasket wrongly, otherwise, the height of the oil head extending out of the cylinder head will change, thus changing the original landing position in the combustion chamber and affecting the fuel consumption rate.


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