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How to maintain generator engines?

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Generator diesel engines can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Its safe operation and service life can not be separated from the usual good maintenance. We need to know relevant information. So how to maintain the generator engines?


Here is the content list:

What is a generator engine?

What is the application of generator engines?

How to maintain generator engines?


What is a generator engine?

The generator engine is a kind of small power generation equipment, which uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The whole set is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, storage battery for starting and control, protection device, emergency cabinet, etc.

 Generator diesel engines

What is the application of generator engines?

1. Common generator set.

This kind of generator engine sets operates all the year round and is usually located far away from the power grid. In order to meet the construction, production and living electricity demand of these places.

2. Standby generator set.

Under normal circumstances, the power required by the user is supplied by the municipal power supply. When the power supply is interrupted due to the switching of the municipal power limit or other reasons, the generator set is set to ensure the basic production and life of the user. This kind of generator engines is located in hospitals, hotels, banks, airports, radio stations and other important power consumption units with short supply of electricity.

3. Emergency generator set.

Sudden interruption of power supply will cause heavy losses or personal accidents. Emergency generator engines are often set up to supply emergency power to the electrical equipment of the building, such as high-rise buildings. The fire protection system, evacuation lighting, elevator control system and important communication system are introduced.

4. Prepare the generator set.

This kind of generating set supplies power for civil air defense and national defense facilities. It has the nature of standby generating set in peacetime, but it has the nature of common generating set after the power supply is destroyed in wartime.


How to maintain generator engines?

1. Check and record the working state of generator engines every hour when it is in use. Check and record the output voltage, frequency, oil pressure, water temperature, charging and exhaust gas of generator every hour.

2. Check the oil quantity and cooling water level before starting the machine. Let the unit idle for 8 minutes before starting up, and then input the load when the sound of the generator engine is normal.

3. When the unit is shut down, the surface of the unit shall be cleaned after cooling. The generator engine first unloaded and idled for ten minutes, then shut down to let the supercharger and the bulb get full cooling.

4. Observe the power quality parameters in real time by using the power monitor.


There are other things to pay attention to about the daily maintenance of diesel engines. You can consult us if you have any questions. Our company can also provide you with maintenance services.

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