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For the maintenance of excavator filter, do not be lazy!

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Excavator operators are busy and tired in their daily work, and often ignore some details, which leads to maintenance after the excavator breaks down. In the long run, it will reduce the service life of the excavator. Here are some tips on the maintenance of the filter, the key component of the excavator, which I hope will be helpful to you.


1. Oil filter cleaning

Oil filter is a component with low maintenance cost of excavator, but it plays an important role in the overall performance of excavator. Strengthening the cleaning of the oil filter and replacing the filter element in time can avoid the deterioration of the oil in a short time. Increase the cleaning and maintenance of crankshaft ventilation device in daily maintenance, and strengthen the maintenance of diesel engine.

2. Primary filter cleaning

First turn the handle and remove the dirt on the primary filter plate, and then start to clean all parts of the filter, disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. Check whether the primary filter element reaches the replacement period and replace it in time. Then listen to whether the rotor of the secondary filter makes a buzzing sound when the engine rotates at low speed. If you can't hear it, you need to further overhaul the rotor, which may be due to excessive accumulation of foreign matters and need to be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Air filter element cleaning

The intake system of the engine is mainly composed of air filter element and air inlet. Clean the air filter element regularly according to different use conditions. The available methods include blowing high-pressure air from inside to outside to blow out the dust in the filter element. S

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