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Diesel Generator Fuel System Maintenance Measures Share

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Diesel Generator Fuel System Maintenance Measures Share

The life of the diesel generator has a lot to do with daily maintenance, so after the customer receives the goods, the user should carefully read the random operation manual in his spare time. Just like when we buy a small household appliance, we will consciously read the instructions for use. Therefore, for the more expensive equipment such as diesel generators, it is of course necessary to read the instructions for use. Below, Chongqing Mainwe  shares the maintenance precautions for the diesel generator engine fuel system:

Cummins Generator Engine

  1. Select suitable high-quality high-quality light diesel oil according to the ambient temperature conditions;

  2. After daily shutdown, the water and sediment in the oil-water separator should be discharged in a hot state;

  3. The fuel filter must be replaced every 250 hours, and the fuel filter must be filled with clean fuel when replacing the fuel filter;

  4. Only use the filter approved by the user, do not use the low quality non-Cummins filter, otherwise it may cause serious failure of the fuel pump and injector;

  5. When replacing the filter regularly, be careful not to let dirt enter the fuel system;

  6. Regularly check the fuel tank, and clean the fuel tank as soon as it is found to be dirty.

The above content is the maintenance and maintenance of diesel generator engine fuel system organized by Chongqing Mainwe. I hope it can help first-time users. If customers and friends have any questions during the use of the unit, please feel free to contact relevant personnel, we will Provide you with thoughtful technical support services.

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