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Cummins generator sets when using lubricating oil for Misunderstandings that are prone to occur

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Cummins generator sets when using lubricating oil for Misunderstandings that are prone to occur

Seven points of nourishment and three points of repair is the law recognized by customers for the maintenance of Cummins generator sets, but many check-in personnel are prone to misunderstandings in diesel generator oil. Some habits seem to be carefully cared for, but they are actually "time bombs". Today, Chongqing Manowei will talk about the "oil use" of diesel generators.

Chongqing Cummins diesel generator set oil.

Misunderstanding 1: Expensive engine oil is good, damage: 75%

The more expensive the lubricating oil for the generator set, the better to use. Before choosing the oil, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the diesel generator, generator model and other information. Different generator sets are suitable for different grades of oil. In the classification of API quality grades, diesel oil is roughly divided into CA, CB, CC, CD, CE, CF, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4, CJ-4, CK from low to high -4 etc. (-4 indicates that this grade of oil is suitable for four-stroke diesel generators).

In addition to the quality grade, the viscosity of the oil is also an important indicator to be considered. When choosing oil, customers should comprehensively consider the recommended viscosity of the generator model, the actual use situation and the regional temperature, and select the appropriate oil.

Misunderstanding 2: There is no habit of changing lubricating oil, damage: 60%

Many customers are accustomed to adding lubricating oil directly, thinking that it can be added to a fixed scale, ignoring that the lubricating oil will deteriorate after a period of time, so it needs to be completely replaced.

The performance of oil products will decay with the increase of use time, and there will be a certain consumption in quantity. If you continue to use it, it may cause the parts of the generator set to wear out. Even if the generator set is not in use, we recommend replacing it once a year. If the Cummins generator set is used frequently, we recommend replacing it at least half a year. The oil change interval refers to the specifications, quality grades of the oil and the manufacturer's maintenance manual. Customers should replace the lubricating oil according to the regulations.

Misunderstanding 3: Add oil "the more the better", the damage: 70%

Some customers hear that the reduction in the amount of oil loss will cause harm to the generator, so they simply add enough at one time. As everyone knows, too much is too late, and it is not advisable to add oil beyond the standard. Generally, the height of adding oil should be slightly lower than the oil dipstick scale. If it exceeds the standard value, the excess oil is "mixed" into the combustion chamber, which will cause the phenomenon of oil burning. In this case, not only the oil will be used less and less, but also the formation of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber will be accelerated.

Generator Oil

Diesel generators currently use more CF-4 and CH-4 grade oils, which have good fuel consumption resistance and high oil life, and are suitable for heavy-duty diesel generator sets. Suitable for turbocharged diesel generators that require the use of CH-4 (including CF-4, CE) grade diesel generator oil; especially suitable for bulldozers, excavators, mining equipment, generator sets, etc. that work under various harsh conditions. Can be used in a variety of diesel generator sets without EGR technology.

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