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Cummins QSK19 series

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Cummins QSK19 series

The Tier 3 approved QSK19 engine is a powerful example of Cummins Quantum System technology at work. In the QSK19, state-of-the-art electronic controls and Cummins modular common-rail fuel system ensure clean, efficient performance, minimum maintenance and superior uptime for quarry and underground equipment – in the same

compact footprint as its predecessor.

Advanced in-cylinder combustion technology and the modular common-rail fuel system reduce NOx emissions by 40% while providing responsive power delivery. The QSK19 meets every Tier 3/Stage IIIA emissions standard without compromise – or aftertreatment.

This fuel system is tolerant to a wide variety of worldwide fuels, including high-sulfur diesel and Japanese kerosene.


With Cummins modular common-rail fuel system, injection pressure can be virtually constant at all speeds – realizing greater flexibility and precision in controlling both injection rates and timing. Proven single-piece ferrous cast ductile iron pistons work in combination with nitrided liners and cast-iron top rings for maximum durability and reliability. The QSK19 is designed to have the lowest life cycle cost with the longest life-to-overhaul of any engine in its class.

Over 5,000 QSK19 engines in haul trucks, excavators, drills and wheel loaders deliver proven durability and uptime.


QSK 19

Features And Benefits.

■Extra-Wide Gear Train – Quieter, longer-lasting

and capable of handling high loads with ease.

■Single-Stage Holset Turbocharger – Lower intake air temperatures provide increased air density, resulting in more power and lower emissions from less fuel.■Full-Authority Electronics – Programmable electronic controls optimize combustion at all altitudes and conditions. Superior performance is driven by an upgraded CM850 ECM with twice the processing speed of its predecessor.

■Two-Stage Oil Filter – Combination full-flow and bypass oil filter reduces maintenance costs as it extends service intervals.

■Precision-Honed Cylinder Liners – Precise liner machining with superior metal technology creates exceptional surface smoothness and durability.

■Power Cylinder Package – Proven single-piece ferrous cast ductile iron pistons for maximum durability and reliability. This advanced design also uses nitrided liners and cast-iron top rings to handle injection pressures with exceptional durability.

■High-Durability Camshaft – Microfinishing makes it last twice as long as previous designs. Improved contact between the crosshead and rocker lever reduces wear and improves durability.

■Fleetguard?ES Filtration – Fleetguard’s ES oil filter keeps your equipment on the job with a combination full-flow and bypass design that simplifies service and reduces replacement costs.

This shortens engineering cycle times and cost. Cummins Advisor models equipment installation for exceptional productivity, reliability and durability.

After a comprehensive review of load factors, climates, duty cycle and equipment usage, Advisor recommends the best engine and rating match for the equipment and operating conditions. It then builds a virtual model of the intake, exhaust, cooling, fuel and mounting systems. When Advisor identifies an issue, it lists acceptable alternatives. This approach allows changes while the equipment design is still “on paper,” ensuring optimum performance while minimizing costs – every time.

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