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Cummins QSB7 Engine Full of Black Technology

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Cummins QSB7 Engine Full of Black Technology

Sufficient power, fast speed, fuel saving, maintenance and worry-free... These performances are not only seen in Tao Rui's eyes, but friends around them have also bought the same excavator after seeing it, and praised the Guangxi Cummins engine after using it.

QSB7 Engine 2QSB7 Engine

The Sunward Intelligent SWE235E-3 excavator was always driven by Tao Rui himself, and he made some comparisons unconsciously when he was working. In the same earthwork condition, the power of the excavator equipped with the Guangkang QSB7 engine is more powerful, even if it is used to dig shale with a bucket, it is not a problem. In short, "this excavator of mine can do the projects that other excavators with two prefixes can do; the speed is no less than that of the joint-venture excavator that I bought before."

The reason why this excavator has strong power and fast performance is the strong support of Guangkang QSB7 engine black technology. Guangxi Cummins QSB7 is a 6-cylinder configuration. It adopts a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and electronically controls multiple fuel injections. The injection pressure is as high as 1600bar. In short, the diesel is torn into pieces and burned more fully.

QSB7 Engine 1Cummins

At the same time, the powerful air handling technology can also make the excavator increase more smoothly at low speed, and the power output is more stable at high speed.

In addition, the advanced electronic control technology makes the engine become the intelligent brain of the entire excavator. Various operating parameters of the excavator can be displayed in real time, and the operation of the equipment can be grasped at any time according to the data. If there is an abnormality, it can be found in advance to reduce the failure rate of the excavator.

In terms of maintenance, as long as the regular maintenance of diesel filter and oil filter is done well, there will be no problem with the engine. All these provide a guarantee for young people on the road to struggle.

As the first Cummins manufacturer in China to provide power products for the construction machinery market, Guangxi Cummins Industrial Power Co., Ltd. is one of the largest off-highway diesel engine production bases in China. Since its establishment, the QSB7 engine developed by Guangxi Cummins according to customer needs is tailor-made for excavators of 20-30 tons. After listing, it has been unanimously recognized by users for its high adaptability, high reliability and high economy.

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