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Crankshaft 3073707 for M11 QSM11 Engines

Condition: Brand New & Original
More OE No.: 2882729, 3073707
Engine Model: M11, QSM11
Applicable Industries: Marine/Generator set
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Machinery Overseas.
Place of Origin: CCEC Chongqing, China
Warranty: 12 Months
Payment: T/T, L/C
  • 2882729, 3073707



Crankshaft 3073707 for M11 QSM11 Engines

The most important part of the engine. It bears the force from the connecting rod and converts it into torque. It outputs through the crankshaft and drives other accessories on the engine. The crankshaft is subjected to the combined action of centrifugal force of rotating mass, periodic gas inertia force and reciprocating inertia force, which makes the crankshaft bear bending and torsion load. Therefore, the crankshaft is required to have sufficient strength and stiffness, and the journal surface needs to be wear-resistant, work evenly and have good balance.

In order to reduce the mass of the crankshaft and the centrifugal force produced during its motion, the crankshaft journal is often made hollow. There are oil holes on the surface of each journal to introduce or lead out the oil to lubricate the journal surface. In order to reduce the stress concentration, the joints of the main journal, crank pin and crank arm are all connected by transition arc.

The function of crankshaft counterweight (also called counterweight) is to balance the rotating centrifugal force and its torque, sometimes it can also balance the reciprocating inertia force and its torque. When these forces and moments are in balance, the counterweight can also be used to reduce the load on the main bearing. The number, size and location of counterweight should be considered according to the number of cylinders, cylinder arrangement and crankshaft shape. The counterweight is usually cast or forged into one body with the crankshaft. The balance weight of high-power diesel engine is manufactured separately from the crankshaft, and then connected together by bolts.


Cummins MTA11 ISME truck diesel engine motor parts 3973707 crankshaft, with list of crankshafts for Cummins engines, as below:

Model Description Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number
4BT crankshaft 3904477 3908031 3907803 3929036 3903827
4BT crankshaft 3903830 3905617

6BT crankshaft 3863320 3903828 3905619 3905730 3907804
6BT crankshaft 3908032 3929037

6CT crankshaft 3904363 3905625 3910968 3914584 3917320
6CT crankshaft 3918986 3917443

6LT/L10 crankshaft 3965010 3965012 3976841 3976871 4989436
4ISBE4.5 crankshaft 3968176 3974539 3974634 4934564 4981226
4ISBE4.5 crankshaft 5289841 5289840

6ISBE crankshaft 2830476 3968164 3968165 3974538 3974635
6ISBE crankshaft 4934861 4934862 5301008 5301009 4896766
ISF2.8 crankshaft 5264231 5264230

ISF3.8 crankshaft 4938751 4938752 5261375 5261376
QSM crankshaft 3073707 2882729 3819989

KTA19 crankshaft 3000357 3096362 3201082 3347569 3418898
KTA19 crankshaft 3331586 3331586NX 3090485 3005357 3418910
KTA19 crankshaft 3347569NX 3039362 3086163

KTA38 crankshaft 3038750 3176424 3630059 3630072 3630076
KTA38 crankshaft 4099004 3630155 3634814 3630157 3648629
KTA38 crankshaft 207530 3005598 3015577 3630075 3648630
KTA38 crankshaft 3004689 3015576 3176423 4099003 3630073
KTA38 crankshaft 3648631 3630056 3648637 3641653 3630060
KTA38 crankshaft 3648638 4099002 3648639 4099001 3630057
KTA50 crankshaft 4098998

NTA855 crankshaft 211960 211980 3000140 3024923 3029348
NTA855 crankshaft 3608833 3054866

VTA28 crankshaft 3042800

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