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China's super large diameter (12.2m) EPB shield machine exported to Europe officially went offline

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On August 11, the super large diameter (12.2m) earth pressure balance shield machine "China Railway 977" exported to Europe successfully passed the online acceptance in China Railway Equipment Tianjin company. The equipment will help the construction of Naples Bari high-speed railway project in Italy. This is the largest diameter EPB shield machine exported by China to Europe at present, and it is also the second largest shield machine after Paris Metro Line 16, Italy cepav railway project and Poland shivenouichice( Ś winouj ś In addition to the CIE tunnel and the Sydhavnen Metro extension line project in Copenhagen, China's high-end equipment is another masterpiece serving the European market.


Naples Bari high speed railway project in Italy is constructed by webuild company, a world-famous contractor. The tunnel has a total length of 12.8km, a minimum turning radius of 2000m and a maximum slope of 12 ‰. After completion, it will become an important railway trunk line connecting Bari on the east coast and Naples on the West Coast. According to the preliminary survey, methane and other combustible gases are widely distributed along the tunnel axis of the project, and the explosion-proof safety requirements are very high during the construction process, which increases the difficulty of construction equipment design; At the same time, the maximum buried depth of the tunnel is 400m, and the maximum formation pressure is 8bar, which makes it difficult for earth pressure shield construction.

With strong technical strength, China railway equipment has customized two earth pressure balance shield machines "China Railway 977 and 978" for the project. The excavation diameter of "China Railway 977" offline this time is 12.2m, the length of the whole machine is about 122m and the weight is about 3300t. For the gas stratum, the designers adopted the explosion-proof design in accordance with European standards to deal with the risk of harmful gas. In addition, the innovative use of new structural devices on the equipment can increase the tunneling stability and ensure the rapid and safe tunneling of the shield machine in special strata.

Since the equipment entered the site, China Railway Equipment Tianjin company has scientifically allocated resources, reasonably arranged the construction period, actively carried out production, ensured the timely delivery of the equipment and won the affirmation and praise of customers. It is reported that the "China Railway 978" (12.5m in diameter) earth pressure balance shield will also be offline at the end of August. In the future, the two equipment will go to the ocean to jointly help the project construction.

Let the world love Chinese equipment

Shield machine can cross mountains and seas. It is a high-end equipment integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing, information, mechanics, guidance research and other technologies. It is known as the "king of construction machinery".

In 2012, China Railway Equipment shield machine was exported to Malaysia for the first time. At that time, foreign countries did not trust "made in China" because China's TBM industry started late. Finally, China railway equipment improved equipment performance through targeted design and completed the connection 43 days in advance, creating a shield construction record in Malaysia and becoming famous in World War I. Next, after several twists and turns, China Railway Equipment opened the Singapore market known for its high standards. Since 2012, China Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. has been working hard. By 2014, it has obtained orders for 2 TBMs of Singapore Metro Tangshen line, and then signed orders for 9 shield machines at one time in November 2019. China railway equipment has gradually gained a firm foothold in the Singapore market and continued to expand its influence. So far, more than 20 TBM orders have been signed in Singapore!

"Export a shield machine and create a Chinese business card." In the process of promoting the "going out" of made in China, China railway equipment is committed to providing customers with better tunnel construction solutions. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, two large shields with a diameter of 11.05 meters serve the deep rainwater tunnel; In Algeria, "China Railway 665" with a diameter of 10.5 meters escorts the construction of the new airport line; In Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, two small-diameter hard rock TBMs "burst" with high energy and overcome various difficulties to tunnel smoothly; In Copenhagen, Denmark, two Chinese shield machines were assembled and launched from January 2020 to April 19, 2021. The project finally realized double track connection, which was highly praised by the owner and the construction unit.

With innovative technology, excellent quality and high-quality service, China Railway Equipment shield machine has gradually won the recognition of customers and won a good reputation for made in China. Giacomo, tunnel manager of CMC company in Italy, said in an interview, "China Railway's Hard Rock TBM is perfect and can deal with complex situations freely. I also thank the staff and technicians for good technology and good products. At the same time, the probability of mechanical failure is very low. This is China's Hard Rock TBM."

Up to now, China Railway shield machine and its supporting products have been exported to 25 countries and regions such as Singapore, Algeria, Ita

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