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China's fertility rate is lower than the international warning line. What is the impact on the construction machinery industry?

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Recently, the "double reduction" policy for the management of out of school education and training institutions, the formal entry of three children into the law and the re planning of the school district have aroused widespread concern among the people. All these measures are not for the consideration of improving the fertility rate.

The data show that China's fertility rate is 1.3, which is lower than the international warning line of 1.5. What are the main reasons for the decline of China's fertility rate?


2. Social factors. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, with the continuous improvement of health and medical examination conditions, the infant survival rate increased and the population mortality decreased, which affected the fertility wishes of school-age youth to a certain extent. The ideological awareness of equality between men and women has also gradually improved. Some women begin to go out of their families and enter the society to participate in work. Women's employment rate, level status in social work and education level highly affect the fertility rate. In addition, the change of traditional ideas has also had a significant impact on the change of fertility.

So what impact does the reduction of fertility have on the development of construction machinery industry?

1、 Infrastructure investment decreased and the development of construction machinery industry slowed down

With the reduction of fertility rate and the insufficient supply of young people in society, there will be a corresponding lack of labor force. Many enterprises have a high load due to insufficient manpower, and can not even complete the work, so they can only prolong the time. The same is true for the construction machinery industry, which leads to the slowdown of economic development. Economic development is slow, infrastructure investment is insufficient, and infrastructure related industries are also affected.

2、 The demographic dividend disappeared and the number of construction machinery practitioners decreased

With the reduction of the newborn population, the labor force of young and middle-aged people decreases accordingly. Children with high-quality education are more willing to engage in mental labor rather than physical labor when they grow up. The front-line workers in the construction machinery industry, such as excavator drivers and construction workers, will inevitably be reduced accordingly. Many enterprises have to bite their teeth to improve their salary, which virtually greatly increases the operation cost of enterprises.

3、 Changes in the real estate market directly affect infrastructure

The fertility rate has decreased, people's consumption desire is low, and the demand for real estate has also decreased. The real estate market is no longer hot, followed by real estate development and other industries entering a low point of development, and the infrastructure is affected accordingly.

4、 Insufficient pension funds and increased labor costs of construction machinery enterprises

According to China's pension system, in addition to state subsidies, more young people need to be raised by deducting their wages. It is necessary for enterprises 

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