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Assembly Crankshaft 4981226 for Cummins ISBE-4 Engine

Condition: Brand new & Original
OE: 2831067 4025081 4896764 4934564 4981226
Supply to Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa
Engine models:ISBE-4 Diesel Engine
After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts.
Place of Origin: Chonqqing, China
Warranty: 12 months
  • 4981226



Assembly Crankshaft 4981226 for Cummins ISBE-4 Engine

Mainwe-Engine was founded in 2010, is a worldwide refutable engine overhaul gasket manufacturer in China, our main products include engine overhaul gasket sets, cylinder head gaskets, and manifold gaskets or range of Cummins diesel engine vehicles. At the same time, we also supply Genuine and OEM spare parts for Cummins engines like cylinder, Crankshaft, camshaft, shaft bushing, connecting rod, cylinder body, cylinder cap, water pump, oil pump, cylinder sleeve, piston, piston ring… All of them have exported to the United States, Russia, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and covering over 20 countries and regions.


All Spare Parts for Cumins Engines Available
EQB125 EQB140 EQB160 EQB180 EQB210

4BTA3.9 4B3.9 4BT3.9 4BTAA3.9

6BTA5.9 6BTAA5.9 6BT5.9

C230 C245 C260 C280 C300 6CTA8.3 6CTAA8.3 6CT9.5 6CTAA9.5

L270 L280 L290 L300 L315 L325 L340 L360 L375
6LTAA8.9 6LTAA8.9

QSB4.5 QSB6.7

QSL8.9-C220 QSL8.9-C240 QSL8.9-C260 QSL8.9-C280 QSL8.9-C295 QSL8.9-C300 QSL8.9-C325 QSL8.9-C340 QSL8.9-C360

ISLe270 ISLe290 ISLe310 ISLe315 ISLe325 ISLe340 ISLe360 ISLe375 ISLe400

ISB3.9-125E40A ISB3.9-140E40A ISB3.9-160E40A

GSZ13-C525 GSZ13-C550 GSZ13-C575 GSZ13-C450 GSZ13-C475 GSZ13-C500 GSZ13-G2 GSZ13-G3

ISDe140 ISDe160 ISDe180 ISDe185 ISDe198 ISDe200 ISDe210 ISDe230 ISDe245
ISDe270 ISDe285 ISDe300

K19-G2-TA K19-G3-TA K19-G4-TA K19-G5-TA K19-G6-TA K19-G6A-TA

K38-G2-TA K38-G2A-TA K38-G5-TA K38-G9-TA K38-G9A-TA

K50-G3-TA K50-G8-TA

M11 GSK19 QSK38

NTA855-G-TA NTA855-G1-TA NTA855-G1A-TA NTA855-G2-TA NTA855-G2A-TA

ISM340E ISM380E ISM405E ISM440E ISM308 ISM345 ISM420 ISM335 ISM360

QSM11-G GSM11-G3/4 GSM11

ISF2.8s4107p ISF2.8s4129p ISF2.8s4129T ISF2.8s4148T ISF2.8s4161p ISF3.8s3141 ISF3.8s3154 ISF3.8s3168

QSX15-600 QSX15-440 QSX15-425 QSX15-375 QSX15-360

QSC8.3-340 QSC8.3-320 QSC8.3-300 QSC8.3-280 QSC8.3-260 QSC8.3-240

B3.3-85 B3.3-80 B3.3-65 B3.3-60 QSB3.3-80 QSB3.3-85 QSB3.3-99 QSB3.3-110


All our products have a one-year warranty, but service is still the most important part of us. We provide you with free online technical support through video online or mails. No matter you are a retail store or a repairer, you can contact us whenever you have any technical questions, and we will reply to you in time to help you solve the problems.


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