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Application of marine engine

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Marine main engines work under full load conditions most of the time, and sometimes work under variable load conditions. Most ships using supercharged diesel engines will see the internal combustion engine supercharged, while low-power non-supercharged diesel engines are only used on small boats. Low-speed diesel engines are mainly two-stroke engines, medium-speed diesel engines are mainly four-stroke engines, and high-speed diesel engines have both. The scavenging forms of marine two-stroke diesel engines include return scavenging, port valve DC piston scavenging, and opposed port scavenging. High-power, low-speed diesel engines widely use heavy oil as fuel, while high-speed diesel engines still use light diesel.


Here is the content list:

Automotive engine and marine engine applications

Application of biodiesel in marine engines

Application progress of methanol fuel in marine engines

Automotive engine and marine engine applications

The friction performance and microhardness of the protective layer of self-healing materials for automobile engines and marine engines are studied. The effects of self-healing materials on the engine's dynamic performance, fuel-saving indicators, exhaust emissions and other comprehensive performance indicators in the bench and driving tests are also studied. In the state of forming a protective layer of self-repairing materials for automobile engines and marine engines, the inorganic oil driving test was carried out. The results show that the self-healing materials for automobile engines and marine engines can repair worn parts in situ without disassembly. The protective layer of the self-healing materials for automobile engines and marine engines has an ultra-low coefficient of friction, which is only 0 005μ under oil-free lubrication conditions. It can also reduce the emission of harmful gases such as engine CO by 20% to 50%, which has significant technical, economic, and social benefits.

Marine main engines 

Application of biodiesel in marine engines

The basic characteristics of biodiesel are introduced, showing that biodiesel is superior to ordinary diesel in terms of condensation point, flash point, sulfur content, oxygen content, renewability, etc., but it has a high viscosity, high pour point, high corrosiveness, and water content. High and easy to be oxidized. Analyzed the application conditions of biodiesel in marine engines, and made specific suggestions, including switching to fluoroelastomer parts, increasing the fuel supply per cycle, increasing the diameter and number of injector holes, and delaying fuel injection, etc. Measures. Finally, the key technical issues that need to be solved in the application of biodiesel to marine engines are discussed, and it is believed that biodiesel will be the most suitable marine engine fuel to replace the existing marine diesel after oil is exhausted.


Application progress of methanol fuel in marine engines

Methanol is liquid at room temperature, which is convenient for storage and transportation. For ship owners, the cost of rebuilding ships using methanol fuel is much lower than that of ships using liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to run marine engines. In terms of safety, methanol is much safer than liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Methanol is also better than conventional fuels in emissions of marine engines.


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