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Advantages and disadvantages of generator engines

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Generator engines are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology, and daily life. There are many forms of generators, but their working principles are based on the law of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force. Therefore, the general principle of its construction is: use appropriate magnetic and conductive materials to form magnetic circuits and circuits that carry out electromagnetic induction with each other to generate electromagnetic power and achieve the purpose of energy conversion. What are the advantages and disadvantages of generator engines?

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1.High thermal efficiency

That is to say, the fuel consumption rate is low and the economy is good, especially the diesel generator, which is the heat engine with the highest thermal efficiency, and the most effective thermal efficiency has reached 46%. And fuel economy, when the working conditions change, the change of the fuel consumption rate curve of the generator engine is relatively flat, and it is also economical under low load.

2.Wide power range

The single-engine power of the generator engine can range from a few zero to tens of thousands of kilowatts. The generator engine unit ranges from several kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts, and the domestic unit has a maximum of several kilowatts, which has a wide range of applications.

Generator engines

3.Lightweight equipment

The generator engine has a compact structure and lightweight. The ratio of the mass of the internal combustion engine to its rated power (called specific mass) is small, and it is easy to move. And it is easy to maintain during the standby period.

4.Start quickly

The generator engine starts quickly, is easy to operate, and can reach full power soon after starting. Generally, it only takes a few seconds to start. In an emergency, it can be fully loaded within 1 min. Under normal working conditions, it can be fully loaded within 5 to 10 minutes. The engine shutdown process is also very short, and it can be even in an emergency. Shutdown, the shutdown process in a normal state does not exceed 3 minutes, and it can be started and stopped frequently.


1.The stand-alone capacity is small

The total installed capacity of the generator engine power station cannot be very large, and it is not suitable as the power equipment of the regional power station.

2.Higher fuel requirements

High-speed internal combustion engines generally use gasoline or light diesel as fuel and have strict requirements for fuel cleanliness. It is difficult to use solid fuel or low-quality fuel inside the cylinder of the generator engine.

3.Exhaust pollution and noise

The vast majority of diesel generator sets use non-renewable petroleum products—diesel oil. The emissions after combustion are mainly CO, HC, and PM. In addition, when the generator sets are in operation, the vibration and noise are high and the operating conditions of the staff are poor. The surrounding environment is seriously polluted.

4.Complex structure

The structure of the generator engine is complex, and the machining precision of parts is high.

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