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AAPEX 2016 in USA

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The North American market of aapex 2016 is the world's largest auto parts demand market. The market capacity of auto parts products in the United States alone is US $60 billion, and more than half of them rely on imports. Moreover, automobile bearings, axles and hydraulic components are still the dominant products in the North American market, with huge development potential. According to statistics, the annual sales volume of the U.S. market accounts for one sixth of the global market. The size of the U.S. auto parts market is surprising. For example, according to the current U.S. car ownership, Americans currently average 5000 miles (8000 km) to change oil and carry out routine maintenance. If the mileage is reduced to 4900 miles on average, the market capacity can be increased by 65 million dollars per year. The main exhibits are the product series of automobile after-sales service market, various automobile accessories, accessories, air conditioning, car audio, anti-theft, electronic equipment, battery, safety belt, brake parts, chassis, clutch, cooler, transmission and transmission, metal components, molds, heavy vehicles and accessories, lifting equipment, service equipment, tools and equipment Therefore, in order to better open the U.S. market, the 2016 Las Vegas International Auto parts and after-sales service exhibition was arranged.


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