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2017 Interauto Russian

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Interauto, founded in 2005, is jointly sponsored by IEC  crocus  Expo and association  of  Russian  automakers. The aim of interauto is to build a foundation for attracting the world's top automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and dealers. 687 enterprises from 17 countries and regions (Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Israel, the United States, Japan, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Cyprus, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvian and Lithuanian) participated in the exhibition.

The scope of exhibits mainly includes engine equipment: engine, cylinder composition, connecting rod, bearing, piston, piston ring; valve, spring, tappet, camshaft; shaft; cylinder surface, cylinder head gasket, cylinder head liner, bed cover lining, transmission belt, transmission chain, converter, oil pressure sensor, radiator, cooling system, coolant, etc.

Because there is no car scrapping system in Russia. Russia has more than 40 million cars. More than half of Russia's cars are more than 10 years old, while only 5.8 million relatively new cars have been used for less than three years. This has led to a huge demand for auto parts in Russia. Therefore, our company arranged to attend the Frankfurt (Moscow) International Auto Parts Exhibition in August 2017, exceeded the expected plan and reached cooperation agreements with some customers.


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